Microbiome Makeover Webinar 2017

There are 3 things you have done that caused long-term damage to your microbiome
(it’s not too late to turn it around)

Microbiome Makeover: Crush the Critters and Cleanse the Colon in 10 Days Flat
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If you’ve ever taken antibiotics, gotten majorly stressed out, or eaten too much sugar and not enough vegetables, you are lacking probiotics—and it’s not enough just to eat yogurt.

Your gut microbiome is the assortment of healthy probiotics and pathogenic critters.

Probiotics are powerful little creatures that make vitamin bi-products right inside your intestines, help you digest food, and keep your immune system strong.

But you also have unfavorable critters that produce toxins instead of vitamins. These overload the liver and bloodstream while inflaming the intestines.

This extra work for the body is exhausting. You’ll get sick more often, have a sensitive stomach, increasing food allergies, leaky gut, and if this goes on too long…pre-diabetes, extra pounds, and autoimmune disorders.

Just because you can’t see your microbiome, doesn’t mean it’s not affecting you.

Recent evidence published in scientific journals suggest that there is a link between metabolic diseases and bacterial populations in the gut. Scientists discovered that the gut microbiome in adults with Type 2 Diabetes differs from non-diabetic adults.

Another study demonstrated that obesity may be associated with profound microbiome changes, such as you’d find after antibiotic treatment.

And the New England Journal of Medicine connected pathogens with an increase in autoimmune diseases and allergies.

To restore yourself to having great digestion and reduce inflammation you need more than just the single strains of probiotics found in store-bought yogurts or even most probiotic supplements…

In fact, you can actually increase your probiotics just with the food you eat!

But you have to know the right foods because every bite of food you eat is feeding either the healthy probiotics or the pathogenic critters.

Which do you want in your body?

During Microbiome Makeover you’ll learn what to do and what to eat to stay healthy.



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  • My #1 strategy to spark your innate healing power so you can feel awesome without resorting to pharmaceuticals
  • How you can reduce constipation, diarrhea, itchiness, fatigue, skin issues, heartburn, acid reflux, sinus problems, allergies, and many more issues that you’ve chalked up to aging with a microbiome makeover
  • Simple tips to reduce toxins coming in and increase toxins going out to end gut-related issues like brain fog, PMS, and food cravings so you can finally learn to relax around food
  • Why an imbalance of bacteria and parasites in your intestines can be the source of toxicity, fatigue, and the beginning of chronic disease
  • How to know what’s happening inside without sending in a tiny camera—you’ll learn how to decode your body’s subtle signs so things don’t get out of control


Without the powerful ally probiotics, you start to feel the effect. Most people think feeling old is just part of aging. But I’ve worked with thousands of people ages 18-82 who have turned these symptoms around.

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Microbiome Makeover: Crush the Critters and Cleanse the Colon in 10 Days Flat