On Sunday, December 18th at 2:00pm ET

I’m going to lead a live Q&A until all questions are answered or until I need to go eat dinner.

Here’s what I’m going to do:
Impromptu teaching based off the questions that are asked during the live session
Help you get through any blocks, blind spots, or obstacles that keep you from the health you deserve
Hang out for a long time on the internet, video-streaming, answering the burning questions you were left with after listening in on the Better Belly Project interviews
Give you an offer to work with me and a bunch of motivated individuals next year
Share the details about my programs (no, this isn’t a pitch-fest, I’m going to talk openly about my work. I do have a special offer, but my primary purpose is to connect with you, hear how the BBP affected you, and find out what you need next.)
Bring gifts to give out to highly engaged participants

Here’s what you’ll get:
Value. No matter what, you will walk away with answers, insights, and/or inspirations to get you taking the next baby step in your healing journey. Plus, gifts.
Laser coaching if you’re there live.
Answers to your questions even if you can’t make it live. If you email them by Saturday evening to support@summerbock.com – you can listen to the recording the next day to see how I answered your questions.
A replay the next day, but there are certain benefits of being there live. 1. You get coaching. 2. First dibs on the giveaways.

Who is this for?

You are struggling with the myriad of health concerns stemming from the gut
You would prefer to go the natural route for healing and not have to turn to OTC or prescription medications
You feel like you’ve tried everything and it hasn’t worked
Your family members are struggling with gut-based health issues
You are passionate about health and always want to learn more
You want to hear what other people are struggling with in the off chance that their solutions could be exactly what you need to hear

See you there!
2pm Sharp.

Come on time…you aren’t going to want to miss a minute of this.