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FREE Video Series on
how to deal with digestive concerns
and make them to go away for good
using my best method.

A 3-part video series that will change everything you thought you knew about cleansing, GETTING YOUR BELLY RIGHT, and the roadblocks to your health!

Hey you! (You=a sharp-as-a-tack-powerhouse-with-cool-stuff-on-your-to-do-list) I want you to listen up. This is important. This will change your life.

Watch to learn:

  • How to maintain your body so you can keep your energy levels high, your digestion humming, and your weight steady.
  • The simple secret that will give you the power to heal your body.
  • What went down during my own personal healing disasters as well as horror stories from some of my clients before they came to me.
  • The no-brainer way to be more efficient and focused in your life so you can stop wasting your time.
  • How to carve out more time in your day for yourself and still have a life
  • True stories of what will happen if you don’t pay attention to the signals of your body – your symptoms are not the product of aging, but a sign that you aren’t actually listening.
  • How to change that habit of making a plan to do something and then never following through. Over time you lose trust in yourself…I can help you change that.



Comments from people who have watched the videos…

“What valuable information Summer! Thank you! I wish everyone would watch this.”
– Valerie Vala, LMP, Craniosacral Therapy, & Structural Energy Balancing
“Hi Summer, Loving these videos!!”
– Brit Sperry, CarePartners Health Services
“I LOVE what you say about the connection between internal toxins and external clutter! I am an organizer who specializes in de-cluttering people’s environments so this makes so much sense to me! :)”
– Melanie Reyes, Cuyama Valley High School
“I am a professional wheel spinner! I stand in my home looking around at all the things I need to do and yet can’t seem to pick one to start with. I’m looking forward to your webinar as I already feel inspired to make the most of the one and only life I’ve been given. I did have a chance to attend a fermentation class you gave last year. It was so informative and I have added homemade fermented food to our family diet. I need another push in the direction of good health. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your knowledge with us :)”
– Michelle Griffith, Works at My Kids
“I need what you describe. So ready to start your cleanse and attend your workshop. Thank you!”
– Leslie Garza, Corpus Christi, Texas
“So, so loved your message Summer . . . it all resonated with me. The examples of ‘patterns of avoidance’ were so spot on, I felt you were looking right inside of me. Thank you, I think I’ve finally found a priceless resource in your information.”
– Linda J. Davis, Owner – Your Personal Health Coach at Veg-out with Linda
“Summer, thank you so much! I have done cleansing quite a few times and like you said it’s always a struggle to do it again. I didn’t understand the reasoning behind that before. I would LOVE to have more energy. I think I might actually take care of myself if I felt like I could do more than what is necessary to keep my day going. I have two little boys and a step-daughter and I feel like I’m cheating them everyday because I only feel like 1/4 of my real self. We have been learning to make sauerkraut from your videos and are on our fourth batch. I’m just starting to feel like there is hope to feel whole and happy in a way that makes sense to me. Thanks again for all the knowledge you are sharing. I would really love to be apart of one of your probiotic power cleanses!”
– Becky Walton, Olympia, Washington
“Thank you for your informative video! I too have tried many cleanses, take 3 Lac probiotic, have a strong immune system….didn’t get the flu or strep throat this year when my other family members did. BUT I have acne! I have been working with my naturopath and chiropractor for over 3 years to figure out what’s causing it. My dermatologist wanted to put me on antibiotics or accutane, but I know that’s NOT the answer and will cause more health problems/side effects. I’m curious about gut rebuilding to end my acne, even though it seems like I’m healthy. I eat a paleo diet, do Bikram yoga and feel energized……
I’ll be in contact for a consultation. Thank you!”

– Jonna Pahlisch, Western Oregon University
“Thanks Summer, You look great by the way 🙂 I loved your video, it makes so much sense to go slow and be gentle, this is why I have never been one to do cleanses. I know how sensitive I am and I didn’t trust a cleanse to ever be gentle enough for me. It helps to have good intuition. I also think this is very a very “person specific” topic. There are so many factors involved and I think that you are the perfect person to lead and guide anyone through a cleanse. Thank you for offering this program, I am certain that many people will be healed through your skilled training and expertise.”
– Dianne Mccown, Ventura Community College
“Thank you, Summer. I was going to try a 3-day juice cleanse but changed my mind after watching your video. I would love to try the slow-cleanse you talked about.”
– Marilyn Battin, Pacific High School
“Great video Summer! I’m excited to watch the next one.”
– Daniel Vondrak, Founder and Organizer at Northeast Ohio Nature Connection
“Loved the video! You have such a positive “Can-Do” energy that it inspires hope and true knowledge surrounding the mysterious digestive process that is at the heart of good health. Kudos to you for serving our community with free info. Many thanks!”
– Nikki Parish, Self-Employed
“Your mission is very noble. Thanks for everything you share also with those who don’t have so much to spare…”
– Eve-Marie Desjardins, Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques
“I liked the intro. I am just getting my energy back after getting to a naturopath and discovering I had IBS. I believe a cleanse is very much in order, but one that is respectful of my body.”
– Malcolm Henderson, Process Therapist at Living Alive
“Hi Summer. I saw you in the ‘Origins’ film yesterday and wrote down your name as someone I wanted to check out. I am attracted to your work and can’t wait to do the cleanse with you. I’ve been using Sara Gotterfield’s shakes and have lost weight but have had a constipation episode that scared me. Can’t figure it out. I have been doing two shakes a day. Looking forward to learning more from you. Thanks for doing this work.”
– Ruth Grass, Health Coach
“You are amazing and so sincere besides looking really healthy and beautiful.Flawless skin”
– Gaby Miceli, Damelin College, Johannesburg, South Africa
“I like the idea of a slow pace cleanse, very interested to learn more. Great presentation, thanks!”
– Maria Ines Couto, IIN
“Thank you Summer. I must tell you I was amazed by the beauty of your eyes in this video; they were shining so much light. I live in Bogotá – Colombia and have followed for quite a while. I was diagnosed with a severe ankylosing spondylitis about 30 years ago; I have had to face so many changes in my life due pain and physical limitation, but at the same time I feel blessed and fortunate to be alive. I started having fermented food thanks to you and am becoming conscious about the health of the gut. It’s great to have the chance to learn from special people like you. God bless you!!!”
– Germán Moyano