Ask Summer Anything!

Every time we do the Probiotic Power Cleanse we get so many questions, Check it out…maybe some of your questions were answered…

Highlights from the Q&A session recording above are:

  • Do the supplements in the cleanse kit taste good?
  • Are you familiar with the Dr Wahls’ super-nutrient paleo diet? Why should I join this cleanse?
  • Can I cleanse even though I have a big mountain bike race coming up?
  • Speaking to the 7 channels of elimination, will we learn to unclog the channels?
  • Is it possible to unclog with one cleanse?
  • I am feeling good, why do I need to cleanse?
  • What will I eat on this cleanse?

What I love about these calls is how your life can change just by showing up. You never know when someone else is going to ask something that will completely shift your understanding of your health. You might just hear something that inspires you to take a small action that will get you more energy, better digestion, and the right mindset to make lasting changes!

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