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Change everything
you thought you knew about cleansing and
the roadblocks to your best health!



Do you want to learn:

  • Why cleansing is crucial
  • What will happen if you don’t cleanse
  • How an unknown nutrient deficiency can keep you ill for years
  • Why you may as well be burning your dollar bills if you take probiotic supplements but don’t change anything else
  • How to tell if toxic, microscopic bacteria are ruining your life
  • Cutting-edge scientific information about the link between gut health and immunity
  • How to cleanse gently, without the suffering that most cleanses practically encourage

Then you’re in for an excellent invitation.

Lara Adler, environmental toxins expert, and I are joining together for an audio training to unlock the secret truth about why most cleanses don’t work in the long run.

Join us for this great conversational-style info-packed training.



Summer Bock


Summer Bock teaches people how to rebuild their gut and feel better than they ever have before. She is a trained herbalist with a background in microbiology. She studied with some of the best nutritional teachers in the world at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City. Summer teaches the art of fermentation, cleansing, and gut health. She has guided thousands of successful people to their best health. She is based in Washington.

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Lara Adler


Lara Adler is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Environmental Toxins Expert who specializes in helping mothers, and mother-to-be identify and remove harmful toxins in their diet and home environment so they can create a safe and healthy space for their families to grow, while reducing the risks of diabetes, obesity, behavioral issues, and other critical health conditions.

Lara is deeply committed to peeling back the curtain and opening up the conversation about environmental toxins to people in a way that’s informative, accessible, actionable and totally free from overwhelm. She takes a practical, real-world approach to minimizing toxic exposure to safeguard our health.