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What you’ll learn:

  • Why cleansing is crucial
  • What will happen if you don’t cleanse
  • How an unknown nutrient deficiency can keep you ill for years
  • Why you may as well be burning your dollar bills if you take probiotic supplements but don’t change anything else
  • How to tell if toxic, microscopic bacteria are ruining your life
  • Cutting-edge scientific information about the link between gut health and immunity
  • How to cleanse gently, without the suffering that most cleanses practically encourage

Special offer just for you as a friend of Lara’s:

The cleanse is $97

(regularly $147)

The first 10 people who register get a Power Skin Scrubber mailed to your door. You’ll also get instructions for special scrubbing techniques that support lymph detox.

The first 10 people also get a sample of the Protein Power Greens Powder. This alkalinizing powder supplies the body with probiotic-friendly protein.