I am feeling good. Why do I need to cleanse?
Doing a cleanse is like a total body reboot. It’s a chance to shed the gunk in your body and then refill it with beautiful things.

What have others experienced doing this program?
Watch this short video to see what our participants experienced.

What will I be eating?
Food. Whole foods. No fasting here. Buckle up—this is farm to table, baby! We are talking real nutrient dense food maybe a little steam and that’s it. Deliciousness. Don’t worry, it’s going to be super tasty with my special recipe for Miso dressings and a kraut brine chaser for those into fermented foods. Intrigued? You might just end up a convert ;).

We go slow—super gentle—meaning there is food eaten for each meal. During the 10 days of the cleanse I ask people refrain from meat if possible (and go back to it once they are done). But even then we have some who keep eating meat during the cleanse. It’s really about listening to your body’s needs. This shouldn’t be painful.

I have a lot of food allergies.
The cleanse is dairy, gluten, sugar, artificial everything-free…as you will learn during the program, these are the toxins I refer to as we move through this learning process. I do not recommend gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol, or caffeine on the cleanse therefore none of the supplements should contain those items—whether you purchase mine or others. You will also get a list of other supporting herbs you can purchase if you’d like. This can save you money by DIY-ing it, plus it gives many a deeper connection to the process. But ultimately, it’s whatever works best for you.

Will I have to fast?
No, there is no point in this cleanse where a fast is required.
Summer is really cautious when it comes to fasting—it’s not recommended unless people have cleansed with her numerous times and are working with her or another practitioner closely. We help each person tailor the cleanse to work for them—we can make it work for most people.

Would this cleanse work for vegetarians?
Yes, the Probiotic Power Cleanse focuses on whole foods. Meat is an option for those who need that extra protein, but is not recommended as the cleanse deepens. I will share an amazing vegetable broth recipe, so you do not need to go the bone broth route to participate in the cleanse.

Will I need to eat a lot of raw foods?
No, the cleanse menu is not set so you can mix and match recipes for your climate, preference and listen to what your body needs.

I am breast feeding. Can I cleanse?
You can participate in the cleanse, but unlike most people on the cleanse, you will not remove protein and you’ll eat more fats. You will eat well – but you will eat incredibly clean foods! So it works, but we aren’t trying to get you to cleanse – just clean up your diet and boost probiotics so you can boost your baby’s nutrition through your healthy breast milk.

So you won’t be going into the deep phase and you will be modifying the gentle phase to include protein and eat more fats. This is important because you want to make sure and get enough nutrition for you and your baby! And once you’re not nursing anymore, you can do the cleanse again. There is no hurry if we have you eating cleaner than ever before with the support of an amazing community.

Will I be able to go to work?
Yes, in fact you may be up for a promotion 🙂

What is the time commitment?
The commitment is about two and a half weeks long, during which there will be regular Q&A phone calls to help you get through it easily. Plan for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays evening trainings (Eastern Time). The exact dates and times will be available in the online course (we love Ruzuku) as soon as you have completed registration.

When does the cleanse start?
How to Prepare Training starts on the Friday, October 13th and the full-on cleanse begins on Friday, October 20th. That way you have time to buy groceries, prep your family and kitchen, and be ready to start. The cleanse is very flexible as to when you start and end…you can set it up on your schedule. All the materials are available to download and save for life!

Your fellow cleanse friends may start on Sunday or Tuesday or decide to break the cleanse after 3 days while others may continue for longer. You will learn to tune into your body to decide how to cleanse and when to stop. Set time in your schedule to attend the live guided cleanse sessions…even if you do not ask questions you will learn a lot from the questions asked by your fellow cleansers and the training I provide at the start of each session. And I record the entire session so even if you are not able to attend live save time to listen to the recording.

How will the cleanse work?
There are 2 phases—the gentle cleanse and deep cleanse.
The gentle phase involves eating food everyday, gradually increasing nutrient and mineral content.

The deep phase involves drinking special smoothies, or juices if you pass the pH tests that show your body is ready to cleanse.

You will test your pH at the beginning and throughout the cleanse to monitor their progress and make sure you are cleansing at the right pace. Depending on where you are at physically, you may stay on the gentle phase the entire time and that’s OK. The Probiotic Power Cleanse is all about progress, not some impossible goal.

I don’t know how to test my pH or even what it should be! How difficult is it?
We will talk about pH until you are an expert. The step-by-step guide you will get will help you, and after some practice you will get it! You’ll learn how to test your pH as part of the cleanse. The pH strips make it easy to be fully prepared. There is a video tutorial in the members-only cleansing downloads page explaining how to test your pH. I have included 30 strips in the cleanse kit so if you want to test multiple times per day you may want to cut the strips in half.

Where can I buy pH strips?
The Cleanse Kit will include enough strips to test twice a day for 10 days (you may not need that many). We buy through Micro Essentials, but you might be able to purchase something similar locally. If not, jump online to order them. We’ve done the research for you! We provide a list of resources with all the links to research and links to buy everything you’ll need. Check out the shop here.

How many pH strips will I need?
We recommend that you purchase enough to practice and test your pH daily using 2 methods for all 10 days you are cleansing, so maybe 20 strips if you are going to start testing right away. We have included 30 in the cleanse kit so you can test three times per day for 10 days.

What supplies will I need?
You will need to purchase mostly produce, have access either to a juicer, blender, or both.
You will do better to purchase a few additional herbal supplements. Approximately $200 for the whole two weeks is sufficient for the cost of the supplements. I offer a cleanse kit with everything you need, more information about ordering a kit will be available when you register. (Nothing processed.)

Remember, we do not recommend gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol, or caffeine on the cleanse therefore none of the supplements should contain that – whether you purchase mine or others – you will get a list of other herbs you can purchase if you’d like to create your own kit. Be sure to review the complete list of foods in the Official Cleanse Handbook.

Will I need a Vitamix or a juicer?
You may want one, but a regular blender will work. How do you like your smoothie? ….I hope you said delicious!

Lymphatic what?
Lymphatic brushing and dead skin cell removal. It’s crazy but true! You skin is your largest detoxification organ. You’ll want to learn these ancient techniques of detoxification that you can use on and off the cleanse. A handout will be provided with tips on how to begin.

Are there any allergens in the cleanse kit?
The kit includes powders and tea that contain a mix of herbs. If your allergens include herbs then you will want to read the ingredient list closely before consuming (as you would with any product). The cleanse will not “fix” your allergic reaction so use caution and seek medical advice prior to proceeding. The probiotic capsules are vegan as stated on the label.

Is the cleanse kit mandatory to participate?
The cleanse kit is not mandatory, but it will be referred to throughout the cleanse. We have hand crafted the most effective blends of herbs and supplements for this specific cleanse.
You will need enough herbal supplements for a 2 week supply. Read the ingredients! No gluten, soy, dairy, preservatives, additives, colors/dyes, etc. Those are all the toxins the cleanse will ease out leaving you feeling free and clear! You are welcome to purchase all the same supplements, but make sure they are high quality and free of all those no ingredients listed above (vegan would be good too).

How will I get the support I need?
There is a private Facebook group to get 24-7 support and feedback from participants. You can stay connected with your fellow cleansers for several months after the cleanse.
There are interactive training calls, webinars, videos, and handouts to get you up to speed on how to start. Plan to attend all the live sessions for support, ideas, and motivation. You also get a cleansing handbook that covers the details of the cleanse.

Will I be able to call Summer?
No, this program does not include private sessions with Summer. That is what the group Q&A sessions are intended for, and you’ll get those three days per week (6 total). We all learn from one another. We are social beings. We must build a support network. And you will have the wisdom of your Facebook group. (The private group only includes those who are in the cleanse, so no one else will see what is posted in this private group forum.)

What topics will be covered?

Intro to Cleansing Reactions: Healing Crises
Cleansing Reactions II: Minimization Through Skill & Awareness
Cleansing Reactions III: Emotional & Spiritual Detox
Relaxation Techniques
Supportive Detox
Going Deeper: From Enemas to Nedi Pots -Clearing the Seven Channels of Elimination
Working While Cleansing: Daily Detox in the Daily Grind
Using Food as a Lever: Speeding Up or Slowing Down the Cleanse
Breaking the Cleanse I & II

What if I do not like it?
You will personalize the cleanse to what you can do and what feels good for your body. Not all of us can go without meat, even for 10 days. Some of us may need to add a little extra to your meal. You are learning how to listen to your body, so go ahead and listen close! Tune in and take it one step at a time. Celebrate. Prance. Cry. Then get back to it. Be gentle with yourself.

And of course we offer The Powerful Cleanse Guarantee.

I want you to be MORE than satisfied with the information delivered in the Probiotic Power Cleanse program. I’m giving you 14 days from the start of the cleanse. The cleanse itself is only 10 days long. If for some reason this program doesn’t meet your expectations please email with your refund request. Feel free to try out the cleanse to see if the training is everything you want and more. Cleanse POWER Kits are non-refundable.

Cleanse Kits are NON-REFUNDABLE! We are not able to accept a return of products once they have left our herbalist’s loving hands.

What is included?
Actions tips • Cleansing handbook • 6 Live Q&A group coaching calls with Summer • Shopping list • Recipes! • Facebook group support • Guided support • Community • Motivation and inspiration

What if I have Hashimoto’s, thyroid problems, or an autoimmune disorder? Summer recommends avoiding the  Energy POWER Powder and the Alkaline Protein POWER Powder because of spirulina and maca. None of the other products contain these ingredients (all of the product ingredients are listed at Summer recommends the Bone Broth Protein Powder, Probiotic POWER, and one of the bitters. These 3 things are going to help you the most.

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