People who aren’t sure how to listen to their body are going to benefit greatly from this video.

Video #3: Why Cleanse Now?

In this video, I’m going to discuss:

  • What are the signals your body uses to let you know that something is wrong and needs to shift.
  • True stories of what will happen if you don’t listen to the signals of your body.
  • How to really listen to your body so you can keep your energy levels high, your digestion humming, and your weight steady.
  • How to change that habit of making a plan to do something and then never following through. Over time you lose trust in yourself…I can help you change that.
  • What times of year facilitate the best cleansing experience possible.
  • The best way to handle avoidance—when your default is to pretend that the problem doesn’t exist.
  • How to reach the goals that really matter to you.
The information included in this video is not a substitute for health care, medical or nutritional advice of any kind. Please seek medical advice as determined by your own judgment before purchasing any programs, products and/or discontinuing use of any medications prescribed by your doctor or medical professional.

What do you avoid?

Tell me what would be different about your life if
you welcomed and organized the things
you normally hide from…

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