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Hey you! (You=a sharp-as-a-tack-powerhouse-with-cool-stuff-on-your-to-do-list) I want you to listen up. This is important. This will change your life.

This will change your life.

Want more energy and quality time? (which translates to more fun and money, yeah!)

Join me, along with countless others, as I offer life-changing wisdom. I’ll teach you about the connection between cleansing and manifesting your ideal lifestyle—the one that feeds your vitality today and prevents disease down the road.

Have you ever asked yourself what you could do to feel the absolute best you can?

You already work out, eat healthy & you gave up smoking last millennium. But more often than you’d like, you still feel like you’re trudging through your day as if you’re knee-high in a snowdrift and you can only move So. Very. Slooowly. . .

The fact is that you—and only you—are in control of your health.

Perhaps you give yourself on a mug full of espresso to control your resistance to fully wake up in the morning. Maybe you start the day with sugary treats, telling yourself that you really need that chocolate muffin (and it’s gluten-free, so it’s okay, right?). You’ll do whatever it takes to meet the challenges of the day.

Wouldn’t it be great to be in control of your health in a positive way, rather than just in control of your ability to keep your head propped up while you get through your morning emails?

Watching my video series is a first step toward rebuilding your solid, glowing self.

In The Probiotic Power Cleanse Video Series I will talk about:

  • Why cleansing is crucial
  • The secret truth about why most cleanses don’t work in the long run
  • What will happen if you don’t cleanse
  • How an unknown nutrient deficiency can keep you ill for years
  • Why you may as well be burning your dollar bills if you take probiotic supplements but don’t change anything else
  • How to tell if toxic, microscopic bacteria are ruining your life
  • Cutting-edge scientific information about the link between gut health and immunity
  • How to cleanse gently, without the suffering that most cleanses practically encourage

In these videos, you’ll get to hear what I’ve learned from my own personal cleansing disasters, as well as some stories from a few of my clients when they cleansed before coming to me. You’ll walk away with an understanding of cleansing reactions – what they are and why you should prevent them. You’ll also learn how to hack evolution with a simple strategy that I’ll share.

I’m going talk about experiences that many people never talk about with anyone else.

You’re busy doing the things you love. But have you stopped to think about how you could have even more time to dedicate to those passions of yours that make life so fantastic? We’re all busy. We’ve got important things to do—our missions and our vacations, families and careers. I made my videos for people like you. They’re short and sweet, packed with juicy facts about what’s going on in that belly of yours.

I’d love for you to take a few moments, watch my videos, and make an investment in your future self.

Just like you put away money for retirement, starting now will help you IMMENSELY in the long run.

I’ll spare you the operatics, but Time…Time…Time is on your side.

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You’ve tried a lot of things before. You may feel better for a bit but you can’t seem to stick with it. You get discouraged, distracted, tired. You catch a cold. The holidays came and went, leaving you dizzy. Then you get another cold…

What’s it really going to take to get you to pause all the chatter and take some time to focus on your health before you get that third cold of the season?

Or spend another weekend simply too wiped to do anything?

Or before it becomes something worse than just. . .

SinusIssues…Etc…Etc…Ad Nauseam

You like to (ever so daintily) call it a sensitive stomach—when the truth of what’s going on in the bathroom is more like an elephant stomping through the stall at work, your date’s house, or you when you’re out running errands.

Once upon a time you felt super shiny, and you still get so much done, but it’s just not the same. Maybe it’s age, you think. But, you really have to wonder. What if it’s something else?
It took me years and a bleep-load of money as I struggled to learn how to listen to my body, extinguish my anxiety, clear my acne, stabilize my moods, and get in the best shape of my life. But when I did…

—Boy Howdy—Did I ever rejoice.

Because what it meant was that I wasn’t destined to feel wilted. Not only did I feel better physically, more importantly, for the first time I had hope. And that was worth everything.

And so are you.

The journey to your best health awaits. And you have the advantage of learning all the facts I wish I someone had told me then.

I want you to spend a long, hard, truth telling moment and ask yourself:

Is my health the best it can be?

Am I harming myself by not taking action about this now?

Am I missing out on what life could be? (Others do seem to have it easier…)

Answer yes to one of those questions?

Then I’ve got a series of videos about cleansing that will change the way you think about cleansing. Whether or not you decide to ever do a cleanse, I don’t want you to go another month without learning this stuff.

(Unless you secretly love those slow-moving sloths and think they should become the new state mammal.)

This video series is not for you if:

  • You think that someone else is going to give you a mother lovin’ miracle cure.
  • You think your doctor is the only one who can give you the answers about your health.
  • You are on a lot of medications—email me and we can talk about working one-on-one and how you can work up to cleansing.
  • You don’t believe that you absolutely can have control over your health, digestion, and vitality.
  • You have never set foot in a health food store
  • You just want to pay someone to do it for you. Can’t you just hire out someone to have a healthy BM for you?

Ready to rock? I salute you!

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